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Orifice Plates

This set of plates is machined to match the famous "Pass-Around-Plates" (PAP) discussed on the Flowbench Forum.

These plates are machined to the same dimensions as the original set and then flow compared against the original set.

You can then use these plates to compare your bench readings to the readings of the forum members who flowed the original set of PAP's or anyone else who owns a set of PAP’s.

Individually manufactured in-house from 6"x6"x1/8" thick aluminum. These plates are machined as sharp edge plates and held to precise dimensions for accuracy.

They are machined to the customer's requirements for CFM range. Specific ranges can also be purchased based on your flowbench capacity. I can help with this selection. Please contact me about what sizes you require.

On a typical PTS Flowbench build I recommend four plates, this will cover a range of 0-600cfm or 0-450cfm@28”.

Each plate will work internally or as a calibration plate for another range so no extra calibration plates are required. I have worked out the ranges for you.

I have found it’s best to calibrate your internal orifice plate to a range of about 80% and you can then check with the smaller range plates to “dial-in” your flowbench for the utmost accuracy and repeatability.

More info on using an orifice plate can be found on the PTS Flowbench Forum

Pricing and orders can be seen/placed here: PTS Flowbench Store