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PTS PID Motor Control

Designed to control the depression of your flow by automatically controlling the motor speed.

It typically attaches to a solid state relay/phase angle control such as the PTS SSR Motor Control and replaces the manual potentiometer. It includes it’s own potentiometer for setting the initial depression, once set it will ramp your motors up or down depending on the flow demand.

It allows either manual or automatic control and can be switched to manual while an automatic test is underway for velocity testing or other testing.

A typical test would be; set switch to automatic and adjust your test pressure to desired setting with the console mounted control knob, take your first reading, open your valve and the motors will automatically correct back to your test pressure, take your next reading and open your valve again . . . repeat until your testing is done.

Each time you use your flowbench you need to make your first test pressure set-point.

Standard +/- static pressure connections are just ”T” into your lines going to your water guages or digital manometer.

It operates in intake or exhaust mode by reversing your static pressure connection or by using the PTS Directional Control valves. Two wire output gets connected to the phase angle control on your solid state relay. Pricing and orders can be seen/placed here:

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