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If you have read my About PTS page you have a pretty good idea of who I am, this page will explain my “theory” on my parts.

PTS parts are/were designed by a Do-It-Yourselfer (DIY) for the DIY’er and Professional in mind. They are design with the end user in mind and are developed for the flowbench user, not modified parts from some other industry market for use on a flowbench.

My parts have evolved over the years from ideas on the forum or conceived by myself from scratch. I have had a few great forum members help me design some of my products and continue to assist me as we evolve the PTS product line. My knowledge base is pretty limited but I have learned much from the help of others who have helped me.

I make PTS parts in my own shop using my old equipment (one piece circ. 1919), I answer my own emails, and I answer my own phone, when you contact PTS you get myself, Bruce!

My parts pricing has been kept as low as possible so I can offer my parts to anyone who wants to build a high quality flowbench, my low pricing does in no way represent a lesser quality of parts from my competitors, it represents my desire to allow ANYONE to build a flowbench they can be proud of! I know what it is like to be in those shoes, I’ve been there!

My parts speak for themselves in the flowbench market, they are used by the average person to professionals in the high performance industry!

I think of all my customers as friends, sure I like to sell parts and make money like anyone else but I could not pay for the friendships I have developed with my forum members and customers!

I have some great customers who have believed in my dream and have helped me go from a shoestring operation to a world leader as a flowbench parts supplier!

I thank each and everyone of them for this great opportunity they have given me as I continue to expand and grow my flowbench business while keeping my DIY roots in mind!

If you need anything special or have an idea for some other parts I do not currently offer, feel free to contact me via PM or email at the PTS Flowbench Forum