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PTS SSR Motor Control

This unit will control the speed of a 2-8 motor flowbench build. Using this control does away with the need for any check valves as all the motors are now running on the same speed control. It will go from zero to full motor speed in 10 turns of the pot.

The 10 turn pot gives you very fine motor speed control.

With all motors wired to one motor control you simplify the wiring to the motors. No individual switches for the motors are required.

Using the SSR as your motor control allows you to hook the PTS PID Motor Control for automatic speed control of your motors during a test.

More info on using a SSR can be found on the PTS Flowbench Forum

The PTS SSR consists of a 240V-75A solid state relay, phase angle control module, a 10 turn potentiometer (pot), heat sink
and a 24V-240V control transformer.

Power Contactor

Power contactor allows you to control the flowbench main power with one switch on your console. All your circuits can be wired to this contactor making it your power distribution point. From here you run your main 220v lines to the SSR Motor Control and your motor connections. You can take off a 110v circuit for electrical outlets for your computer/monitor.

Pricing and orders for the SSR Motor Control and Contactor can be found on the:

PTS Flowbench Store

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